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[Poll question]


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What is your favorite aspect of the game as of right now??

A). for pve

B). For story

C) for pvp


Also what do you think is most broken and needs the most attention and fixing?

1). PVE

2). Story lines

3). PVP


Feel free to add in your reasons why underneath your answer(s) i'll actively keep count on this and edit to show the numbers


Answers so far----







3).--- 4

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B story


and though I don't personally pvp, I'll answer


3 based on majority opinion on the forums and amongst friends


Far worse than what's broken is what's missing in general. This game lacks that mmorpg something that will keep people playing for years.

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D. None of the above. I dont even feel like logging on to play. As guild leader of a smallish guild of family and friends I may log to talk to them, but 1.2 took away the fun factor of the game for me.


3. pvp is beyond broke. gear gap will grow, people leaving wzs constantly because its not worth it to stay. The amount of comms for wh gear is crazy high. Im at 61 valor and will prolly let my full game card + 30 days rot.

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my own input. B and 3


story makes this game unique and fun at least til its over then its just like every other MMO in terms of mechanics and things to do. PVP is completely destroyed so much so at this point that I'm rolling alts for story and when my sub runs out its gone

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