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0 credits for a pvp thing is dumb


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The pvp rewards from this patch is dumb.


I know there was another thread but i cannot find it.


Bioware know this. The pvp rewards for loseing are just dumb.

7 medals

level 22

0 credits

very little exp

1500 valor cool


redo the awards to something more realistic. We have plenty of patchts every day. fix stuff already

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What's nice in when you have higher DPS, healings, medals and objective points than anyone on the winning team and get 30 comms and no credits while they get 70-100 comms, 2200 credits and more exp.


Really classy, Bioware.


It's just because they are clearly more skilled than you. If you were really good, you'd be able to carry the 7 bads on your team.



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I don't have a problem with getting a low number of commendations but getting 0 credit seems kind of silly. Yes money is easy to get via dailys but I really shouldn't have to PvE to be able to afford to pull my mods out of stuff I got in PvP.
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