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No PvP rewards amplifies class imbalance.


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I just discovered one of the down sides of 1.2. Namely, the fact that I spent 10 minutes in a wz getting destroyed only to get nothing out of it. However, not all of it was this frustrating.


First, the ability to buy gear is nice. Bbecause now everyone in a wz has gear, the playing should be level? I say that with a question mark because the next big problem is the lack of reward in the event you lose. If you don't get 3 medals, your rewards are nothing. Meaning, if you get steamrolled by a premade, you net nothing. If you do get three medals, it will take you about a year to get a full set of BM gear at which point the opposing team will have full War Hero gear or something. Because at three medals, you get like 25 commendations which is enough to buy 1/15th of a piece of BM gear.


My main problem with an all or nothing approach is that it assumes that all the classes are balanced. For example, in 1.2 some classes got buffed, some got nerfed. It's possible there is a new "super-FTM-class" right now, I'm not sure. But, obviously, there is no such thing as perfect balance in a pvp setting.


So why setup rewards like there are? If it was a level playing field, I would argue the reward system is fine, but it's not and never will be. If it was a level playing field, then 1.2 didn't need to be such a gigantic pvp patch.


The reward system assumes that if you don't win this match, you'll win the next one or something. But that's again, assuming that there is enough balance to not hit a bad stretch where you get stuck playing pre-mades or teams dominated by the FTM classes. But the reward system is based around class balance, which is impossible. It will never be balanced and all you'll end up with is an upset player base screaming for nerfs/buffs. Truly, it's a horrible system. At least attempt to give WZ commendations based on kills or heals and not on the overall wins/losses.


I'm stunned. Why would anyone participate when the chance for a reward is simply frustration?

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