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After 4 months - my problem with SWTOR


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What I liked about WoW (the only mmo i ever played) was that I could be in my social guild (not a hard core raiding guild) but run ICC almost any night in pug groups. There were constantly people spamming for 10- and 25-man groups...and (this is key) while i was waiting for that I could be queing up for heroic 5-mans to farm emblems.


It's saturday night, and i've been in fleet for half an hour and there's ZERO activity on trade chat. No one spamming for FP's or Ops, no one responding to my trying to get a group together...and that's the case probably 6 nights out of 7.


I just think maybe the devs outthought themselves by leaving out Looking for Group. And it just seemed like there were ALOT more people on the WoW servers so there was so much more going on.


I'd level an alt but part of the fun of leveling an alt is looking forward to running that alt through end game. There's absolutely ZERO end game (again, if you're not in a guild), so there's no motivation to level an alt.


I know that the response from some might be "just join a guild". But a game shouldn't force me to play a certain way...the bottom line is:



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Even this early on, there are servers that have a decently sized population, roll on one of those. It sounds like you came into WoW in mid to late Wrath, before that, they didn't have a Dungeon Finder, and when I came into the game in early BC, my first server was low pop. WoW spent years getting the playerbase it has now, if you don't like seeing low pop servers, play a game that's already established.
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good luck trying to keep this thread up



i posted a thread on how i felt and they closed mine along with a bunch of others just like it, right away

this is what they will write when they do


We have removed your thread titled "post a thread on how you feel about the game going in a wrong direction, & they close" and would like to take a moment to explain why.


While we do appreciate all forms of feedback, we do not allow public discussion of moderation. We do understand that being moderated can be frustrating.

If you have questions or disputes about a closed topic, please send us an email: communitysupport@swtor.com and we'll be happy to answer your questions and respond to concerns.


This is just a reminder, you will not receive any action against your account for this instance.


Thank you.




you off right away


why did my thread get closed


oh yeah i discussed my unhappieness with 1.2

& they cut me off

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