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PVP after 1.2


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I used to not care much about pvp because of a handy cap I have but play on pvp servers cause all my friends do but on SWTOR it was different I could go in and do my best and get acomidations for my effort I liked giving it my all sometimes i would do pretty well but never just awsome 3 to 4 medals at the most that was extremely well for me but now after the patch im just cannon fodder for the good pvpers to get there acomidarions i never get anything im not the only one that believes this way by the forums there are many people feel the same way i mean no disrespect at all this is a great game but now it takes alot longer for q and there is just no point for alot of us to even go in unless to feed other good players there medals so alot of us are dropping out of pvp not in protest but no point please read this and take this in concideration again this is all to be taken respectfully thank you
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