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PvP Reward Fixes (w/ math)


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Many people want an increased reward from warzones. Others do not. I decided to do a little math to actually determine if quitting truly is beneficial.


TLDR: After looking at the numbers, I can tell you that the rewards need to be buffed. The losing team should receive at least 60% of the reward of the winning or team or WZ hopping becomes viable. If you want undergeared people to stay in a match against a premade, it must be at least 75%.




Note: This does not include credits, xp, or valor. Those suggest an even larger buff.


time = average_match_time

delta_time = increase_in_time (multiplicative, not additive).

time * delta_time = new_average_time_while_hopping


ratio = win_ratio

delta_ratio = increase_in_win_ration (multiplicative)

ratio * delta_ratio = required_win_ratio_for_viable_hopping


comm = commendations_per_win

delta_comm = proportion_of_comms_per_win_given_on_loss


Set up the formula for commendations per time:

(ratio * comm + (1 - ratio) * delta_comm * comm) / time


Compare it to the formula for the hopping commendations per time:

(ratio * delta_ratio * comm + (1 - ratio * delta_ratio) * delta_comm * comm) /

(time * delta_time)


We can simplify it to get the required new win ratio assuming values for the other variables. (Excluded). Using software, we can generate a table that tells us the new required win ratio assuming typical variable values.



Assume you have an average match time (match time includes queue time for each match), of 15 minutes. Assuming hopping increased that to 18 minutes and assuming you get 42.5% of the rewards of a win, with a win rate of 40%, if hopping brings you over 62.7%, you begin to gain rewards.


Yesterday, I went up against a couple of republic premades repeatedly. I won 2 out of my ten matches. If I had queue hopped and won 1 more match at the cost of losing 16 minutes of time, I would have gained rewards. That's poor design BW.


Yes, you can tell me to get my own premade. Guess what? Those repubs were my guild-mates! I was on my imp because I have friends on both sides and after losing repeatedly and getting jack for it, I did go join them. I got on my repub, joined the aforementioned premade and actually got rewards for my trouble.


It's really not fun to be stomped by the other team. Getting stomped and getting very little for it is just bad design. Right now, people are getting so little that queue hopping can be proven to be mathematically superior than actually staying in the match! Please fix it BW. You can give the victor more rewards, but your current balance point (right around 50% or less if you don't get 8 comms) is too low.

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