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Gear, schmear......


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How many people honestly think gear is the deciding factor in pvp? I just don't see it. I hit 50 the night before the patch. The next day I promptly bought the Recruit set, 2 relics and my BM weapon and off I went to level 50 pvp.

I expected to get rolled by all the people with full BM gear. Didn't happen. I consistently came in the top 3 or 4 with several first place finishes in about 8 matches. Just like I did in the sub-50 pvp matches. I run a Infiltration specced Jedi Shadow.


I also have a level 50 GS that I respecced to Dirty Fighting just to try it out. I jumped in with him in Centurion gear to learn my new spec, which was totally different than the SS spec I was running pre 1.2 and didn't do so hot due to learning my new spec and having to adjust to a totally different play style. That was expected. I hadn't l2p'd yet and I came in about the middle of the pack about 4 matches in a row with a top 5 finish on my last match.


Tonight I will buy the Recruit set for my GS and make another run. I expect to do about the same as I did last night, which will be not as good as my Shadow (which I know inside out).


The point is, if gear is everything. I should be able to get the same gear on my GS that I have on my Shadow and finish top 5 every time, just like I did pre 1.2. That's not going to happen because I have a steep learning curve since I respecced and learning my toon gives me WAY more advantage than my gear.


Just my 2 cents worth. Peace.

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