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Polymorphic Armor


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Psst, hey Bioware devs. Got a minute?


You know all those armor sets you had at the vendors - dancer, Hutt slave, imperial pilot and the like? Ever wonder why we don't see more of them in use?


You had the right idea, and we like how you think - make them all light armor, so everyone can wear them. But you forgot the old mantra ... just because you CAN doesn't mean you SHOULD. Only 2 of the 8 classes wear light armor. There are 2 of the 8 that wear medium and are usually in situations where the loss of a (relatively) small portion of their armor value isn't a crushing concern and they can get away with it.


But 4 of the 8 use heavy armor. That's 50% of them. And they wear heavy armor because they NEED it. They don't have as many non-armor methods of avoiding or reducing damage, that's what the armor is for. So wearing light armor would be (literally) suicide for them.


Adding new versions so each of these sets have 3 different varieties of the same armor would be silly - waste of time to code, and a LOT more items in the index for maintenance. Why bother?


Instead - look at the subject line again: polymorphic armor. Make it so these sets have no armor type at time of purchase, instead it's like a Bind on Equip item, in this case the armor type is set on equip. When the item is first equipped, the armor type is set to light/medium/heavy as appropriate for that character. A one-time effect - once it's heavy it will always be heavy, etc.


This would mean a lot more characters could look at these sets as viable options for actual use, rather than just decoration for companions we only pull out for show or as actual armor for those who normally wear light armor.


It's a win-win, how about it?

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