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A few Suggestions for improving the game


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Not greatly impressed with 1.2. Pretty though the game is, game play is what makes a good game, maybe a few suggestions below would help.




These were fun when you first reached 50, unfortunately is a great deal easier to get stuff from a raid (Op). Why not change it so all Columi can be bought with tokens rather than the few pieces available now. New classes need to get weapons etc to be able to raid to beat the daft enrage timer mechanic.




Dull Dull Dull. Ive grinded 9 items for my toons so far pre 1.2 and have not great inclination to do more, you have interesting content with FP and KV/Kragga. Why not encourage people to do this content? Would be preferable to even more time on illum/Belsavis doing the same as weve done for last 3 months.




Shame you had almost fixed it, leavers were down as the daily attendance quest stopped everyone but the die hard rage quiters leaving. Were now back to were we were at release when its just not worth the hassle of hanging around for a loss. Bring in a daily attendance or an hour lock for quiters and please remember some servers/fights are just unbalanced, having such a penalty for a loss will just increase this. Also review prices of gear as 3500k for a piece of armour is steep especially considering the PvP balance on some servers.


A point on medals in general. the distrubution is very uneven, tanks, hybrids (heal/dps), healers, pure dps is generally the order for most medals. Why not average them out as a team performance for a match and add medals for best - worst team player.




MMO's are social arnt they? Why do we not have a global channel? Players wanting to party outside of guild have to sit in the spacestation spamming in the hope of getting anyone. Surely a 50 global channel wouldnt be that hard to make. Its about the most unsocial MMO ive come across.




Review it all please, a few weeks ago at guild conference we averaged 400k a player. I doubt thinks have changed so dramatically that the 15mil to buy legacy stuff and 750k to change your mods and look are available to any but the die hard grinder. Legacy's were meant to be a bit of fun wernt they?





Lots of bits of the game are good with some tweeks could really be a MMO that lasts. A lot of us PvP because dailys are too dull, FP are impossible to get going with the rewards too random and lack being able to barter for most gear. Maybe if you addressed some or all of the above we could get off this forum and get back to playing.

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