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Let me preface this document by thanking the good people at Bioware that brought us such an incredible game. As an avid Star Wars fan I can state that there's nothing better than immersing myself in such a beautiful (albeit deadly) universe. As I heard someone say in an interview not so long ago, When you enter a warzone, you see fellow troopers running at both your sides, than you see a Sith Warrior coming up and jumping towards you… you can't but feel alive in this universe!


Be it as it may, and as per all games in this particular genre, it has its growing pains. And while the game itself and its environment are spectacular, the gameplay has much to be desired.


Granted, much thought was given to the PVE game and the different class stories. However, it seems that the same amount of planning was not given to other aspects of the game:


Late game


With all the respect to late game PVE, that was thoroughly thought through (operations, hard mode flashpoints, daily missions on Ilum, and such), the PVP aspect of the game is lacking.

Yes, PVP balance is virtually nonexistent. One can never know exactly which players will comprise each group that goes into a PVP Warzone. As such, and to give each team a working chance, the game cannot be balanced for groups or for PVE. The game HAS to be balanced for PVP – e.g. every class, in every specialization, whichever skills he chooses, should be able to beat any other player (in every class, in every specialization) in single combat.

At the moment, this is simply not the case.

Yes, I've read many a post where people claim that each class can beat another class – and I would love to be proven wrong. Just drop a line. I would to see your theory in practice.

Balancing will not be easy, naturally. The entire concept of the game is based on dual class specialization. Healers with stealth and backstab abilities, DPS with tank abilities, even Tanks with backstab abilities (and stealth).

I will also give a short comment on the planned rated warzones – even though I've never had the chance to play them in the test server. If people will be rated according to the medals they get, than the rating is unbalanced as well. Healers who actually spend their time healing get fewer medals than anyone else, while classes that have DPS and tanking combined easily change their roles and get double the amount of medals with hardly an effort… just a thought.


Crafting and trade

Before the game was published much was promised in the way of crafting (like the ability to create artifact armor and weapons). The problem, I find, is that most crafting have no end game value. When that is the case, all trade suffers.

At the moment only Biochem, and, to an extent, Cyebertech, has any late game value. All others are valueless. For trade to flourish one must intertwine the crafting trees (e.g. make some advancement dependent on items crafted by someone else). Trade is the lifeblood of the crafting community.

Also, perhaps on a personal note, I would suggest that each crafting skill will receive some sort of end game crafting to all crafting skills (a nice PVP and PVE armor sets, nice weapons, lightsabers and more – on level with any PVP or PVE armor you can buy).

Concerning rare items for crafting, those cannot, in my opinion, be placed exclusively in PVE operations and flashpoints. Crafting should be available to you even if you don't want to play in PVE or PVP. All materials should be either made by other crafters, or placed randomly in the galaxy (at various levels of rarity). This will, again, invigorate the trade.


Servers and Legacy

I have played the game since the beta testing phase, and have also played in the test server. Like many other players, I have chosen a specific server at the very beginning of gameplay. As it turns out, the server I've entered, where I concentrated my time, turned out to be a dud. Many players moved out of the server to focus on characters on other servers. My server emptied – and an empty server gives less chance for cooperative gameplay and is just, well, less fun.

It is really disruptive when trying to play flashpoints on all levels, and when waiting for warzones and operations.

As you all might agree, my choosing the wrong server must have little or no effect on my play experience. Especially since, when I entered the game, there were no indications which server is going to bristle and which will be dead.

To date, no move has been done to attempt to correct this problem, and many steps can be made. From radical steps, such as moving a character from one server to another, to less radical solutions such as multi-server queue to both flashpoints, operations and PVP.

I'd like to add at this point that, due to the problems mentioned before, Legacy should also be cross server.



Naturally there are many and more things that can be done to improve the game, but in an attempt to keep this document concise to the pressing problems on hand, these have been left out. Also, specific small details have been left out, simply because they have no place in a document like this that is meant to make the entire game better for everyone.


I, like many others, love the game. No one will sit down and write such a document (or give it that much thought) without loving the game.

I'll be happy for any and all comments, and will love to see how the game develops.


I placed this document here, but if you think it will be better served in another forum, feel free to move it.


Have a great day!

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