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What Happened to MMO?


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First of all, I have to admit I'm a juvinile senor.

My first experience with MMO was Ever Quest. For you younguns, this was the first true and probably the only MMO that required true intelegence and strategy before it was dumbed down so it would apeal to the "I want it Now" generation. I started the game in its infancy and went to end game the hard way. Only those who played before that game was dumbed down will understand this.

I recently started playing SWTOR after going through EQ2 then WOW, both of which were no brainers. I have to admit that I had the inital opinion that SWTOR was nothing more than a follow the numbers game. Then I discoverd Warzones as a means to advance. If you could get the members to work together, you could win and reap the benefits. If you didn't win but played well, you could still benefit.

The 1.2 Patch has changed this completely. It has turned warzones into nothing more than a zergfest. Zergfest is an old EQ term that refers to the act of killing as many as possible as fast as possible.

My limited experience in post 1.2 warzones seems to indicate that medals are the main concern. Example: 2 medals in a winning WZ where I carried one goal and spent the rest of my time defending the ball carrier yielded no credits, exp, or comendations. Another losing WZ with 3 medals yielded 15K+ exp, as I recall about 65 WZ comendations, and about 700 credits.

My recomendation is to Zerg (that EQ term again) and forget about winning. No strategy or cooperation required.

BW really screwed this up!

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