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Orange robe with narrow hood


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Hello all,


I was hoping someone here could help me. I am looking for an orange chest piece with a narrow-type hood (as worn by the Voss mystics, and given to you as an early-game green chest piece) that is not the orange set from the Voss social vendor (as they look far too light side).


Are there any other sets with this hood type out there that fellow Inquisitors know about? They work really well with my toon's face/tattoos.


Thanks in Advance.

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is available from synthweaving, but is blue and brown, which may be kind of light-side.


There's another one, called Shadow Strider's Robe, but nobody seems to know where they drop.


Thank you for the info. The brocart may be a stopgap, and I will be on the lookout for the strider robe.


There must be more - anyone else know of them? :D

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