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New Daily Counter Eco Terrorism Help


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I need guidance for this quest. I can plainly see the spouts that i need to clik on however there is toxic waist spewing out and i need to run through it to clik it. but as soon as i try I die. This would lead me to think there is a STIM or something to use.




After Dieing 5 times I finally looked in quest items in invintory and there was an anti_rad Injector but the quest DOESNT SAY TO USE IT. So I had no IDEA it was there till NOW.


So to benefit everyone else when you get this daily at the Black Hole section of Corellia look in Mission Items....

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The quest tells you to go get the anti-rad stim from the sabotours in the area so you can survive the raditation.

It's still pretty badly designed though as you can't repair four of the holes on one stim so you have to get a stim, apply it, run and fix two holes, get out of the radiation and take away the ant-rad buff, get another stim, apply that and then get the other two leaks... Pretty annyoing.

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I can't believe people are finding this mission difficult. The following is a step by step on how to finish this quest quickly and easily. If it takes more than just a couple of minutes, you should look to your gear / rotation / spec.




Step 1.) Kill initial group, loot a stim off them, and hit the clicky next to them (1/4 complete).

Step 2.) Enter the radiation pool on the left (elevator side) and run immediately to the first group (1 x Strong && 1 x Normal). Kill them, loot another stim, and hit the clicky (2/4 complete).

Step 3.) Without stepping into the radiation, walk to the next group next to you (1 x Strong && 1 x Normal). Kill them and hit the clicky (3/4 complete).


Note: You may only have 1 stim in your backpack, so that is 1 effect on you and 1 more in your bag ready to go at this point.


Step 4.) You should, if you have followed these instructions, still have SEVERAL ticks of your first stim on you. Between you and the last clicky is a group of ~5 x Normal NPCs. Four of those are melee while one is ranged. They are all standing in the radiation. Send your (MELEE!) companion (who doesn't require a stim to stay alive in the radiation) to attack the RANGED NPC while you run up the ramp directly behind them. Once safe, turn and AoE the NPCs that are (nicely) huddled around your companion.

Step 5.) Walk up the ramp, turn right, and send your (MELEE!) companion to the ranged mob in the group (another 4 x melee and 1 x ranged). AoE them down and hit the clicky. (5/5 complete)


Note: At this point, I ALWAYS have ticks left from my original stim (looted in step 1). However, you need 5 ticks to cross the pool, and I generally have fewer than 5 left, not to mention the duration is quickly running out. Right click it off and use your second stim (looted in step 2).


Step 6.) Run back across the pool, take the elevator, and continue your daily grind.




If you can't make it work following the above, I'm not sure what to tell you.

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