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A fix for all the pvp troubles!


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First and foremost this is going to piss alot of people off!


1. Get rid of the comendation currancy!


2. Like other MMO's teir gear by valor: 50 valor recruit gear, 60 Battle Master, 70 War Hero. Take all BM gear from people who hasn't reached 60 valor or make it unwearable till they reach 60 valor!


3. make the gear aquireable with credits and the before mentioned valor!


4. make the medals worth X amount of valor, X amount of credits, and X amount of XP! objective medals should be worth more and a bonus for winning, loseing team gets what they earned!


That should ensure that the population that actully are BM's and above and grinded for thier gear get to keep thier status and not feel like you kicked them in the nuts Bioware, also provided those on a loseing team with an incentive to finish a WZ.

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simple fix


remove all existing pvp gear from game.


load everyone into WZ with equivalent gear.


Let skill reign supreme

Teamwork wins matches


smiles everywhere



provide epeen through anecdotal data. wins, losses, KB's, kills, healing, objectives etc.

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Gear resets are common practice with major patches in MMOs. You would think at this point people would accept the inevitability that eventually all that 'hard work' won't matter anymore and they won't get to be special.
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