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seen some negativity on the forums about subjects such as - the unplanned server downtime, things like shipping and taxes on the life-size collectable statue, whatever people can come up with about 1.2 not having(ie. ranked wz's).


Although I can imagine quite a laughable scene at bioware, of a manager demanding the sale of thier life-sized statue in thier office in order to satisfy the players, for stickin with them through the games development.


I will say myself, that the development team in this game seems to be very proactive, and creative with players ideas. In my experience with other mmo's, I must say biowares team, although taking too long to initially come out with the game, is more efficient and quicker at updating and solving issues.

To summarize what I have written to 3 words instead of 3 paragraphs - "thank you bioware"

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