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Price to remove mods too steep at cap?


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At the guild summit you showed charts stating that only a small portion of the community has over one million credits, and yet the price to remove mods remains expensive at cap level. 33,000ish to remove a mod from a piece of gear is in my opinion a bit too steep, leaving weapons out of the equation that comes to a total cost of 600,000 credits (give or take) to just get the mods out of the end game gear we have and put them in the gear we want to wear, let alone if we wish to change our style.


Assuming your charts are correct and even just assuming the average player has one million credits, that's over half of your credit supply just to get your character in a story driven game to look how you want them to. I understand that the entire system is a credit sink, but I propose a 11,000 flat cost to remove mods from your gear at end game, 33,000 per piece of gear (44,000 for weapons) is a much more reasonable number to swallow and take a hit on at once. And in all honesty, it could potentially increase the amount of currency you are flowing out of the game's economy because as basic economics show, the cheaper things are the more people are willing to buy them.

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