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Suggestion: Remove Class Restrictions on Legacy Armor


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I propose that Legacy Armor have it's class restrictions completely removed.



For Legacy Armor especially, it does not make sense to restrict this armor to one specific Class.


The idea of Legacy armor is that you can transfer this to your new Alt characters, right?


Class restriction of this armor forces Players into 2 situations.


1) You level up a character of a particular class. (Let's say... a Scoundrel). You buy Legacy armor for this Scoundrel. You then want to create a new character, who will be this Smuggler's son. He wants to pass on his Scoundrel's Legacy outfit to his son. Under the current Legacy Armor system, his Son must also be a Smuggler, or he cannot wear this outfit. This means most players will simply make the Son a Gunslinger, because... they already HAVE a Scoundrel. Why make a second? When you are done with the Gunslinger, you decide you want to make a Trooper. Now you cannot use that outfit anymore. The Trooper cannot wear it.



2) You level up the above mentioned Scoundrel. You decided you want to play a Knight next, so you use your Scoundrel to buy Knight gear for your new Knight. You then transfer this to your Knight, and now he can use it. But the Scoundrel gains nothing from it, just spends the credits on it, that could be spent on other things.


Either way, it seems contrived and not very 'Legacy' like. This armor is no longer an Heirloom...it's just another gear grind.



My proposal would make it so that you could pass this armor down to ANY of your characters, and adjust the armor rating (Light, Medium, Heavy) to match whatever mods you intend to put into it for that character.


- This increases originality, and makes people feel like their character is unique.


- It does not break game balance or economy, because of the need to re-spec the armor for the new character.





"Hey, that's a sharp Smuggler shirt there, Mr Jedi!"



In other words, allow any class to wear any legacy armor that they wish. Tie the Armor Rating (Light, Medium, Heavy) to the Armoring Modifications that you need to add to it.


This will keep only those that wear Light armor, using it as Light armor. Even if it looks like it's heavy, and visa-versa.


- A Heavy-armor character could put on a cool-looking Legacy armor that would otherwise be Light armor, but mod it to be Heavy, and continue being viable in their activity of choice.


- A Light-armor character could put on beefy-looking Heavy armor, but wouldn't unbalance game mechanics in PVE/PVP.


- A SITH character could wear REPUBLIC armor and masquerade as a Spy!


- A REPUBLIC character could wear SITH armor and look scary/mean.


The choices are endless, and in my opinion, fascinating. There is really nothing to lose by doing this, and the mechanics could be transferred to other types of armor. Social Armor. PVP armor. Etc.



Giving players a Choice, without breaking game balance, is a win-win situation for everyone.

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