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I understand due to dfference in crew skills you wanted a flat way to make the encounters more on a level playing field so that everyone wasnt biochem, but why didnt you just make biochem 1 time medpacs cheaper to produce so that biochem could sell 20 of them on the GTN for a cheap price and EVERYONE could use them. Then people who kept biochem could use re-useables and save the little bit of coin and everyone could be happy.


Then the encounters could be tuned based on operations and flashpoints with everyone using 90 second medpacs. Then the only people who would get the shaft are people too cheap to buy them.


The problem with medpacs and all stims and adrenals is the components needed to make 1 if you get them yourself cost rediculous amounts to send them. The final product will always cost more than the sum of its parts.


A fix could be to increase the number of components harvested used in biochem or have each combine produce like 5 or 10 instead of 1. Maybe add a new ingredient that produces 5 or 10 or 20 of that item instead of 1.


It seems this idea was not even discussed. You're welcome bioware.

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