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Voss Species storyline and all


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I, like many other i presume really liked the voss species.

Their society and culture really allows for an amazing storyline of which i had kinda formed a small story.


You start out as one of the failed mystics basically abandoned by your race and having no purpose until.....


you meet either the sith or jedi and you learn of a new purpose(yes kinda like the jedi knight storyline) so you embark on a new adventure..


Battling not only enemies(perhaps former friends who choose a different path) as you develop your force or knight abilities, but also the mockery amongst the sith as you are nothing more then a failed warrior of your kind. And the doubtfull jedi masters wary of your neutral sided force allignment amongst the jedi.


Yet through all the deceit and all the jedi sidetracking you. You rise up against all odds to become 1 of the greatest jedi/sith and take down the entire sith empire/jedi order....(perhaps unite your own race)


obviously this is just a rough sketch on force orientated voss species but id think this would make a great addition to the gameplay.


Also i really liked the voss female who helps the jedi knight on their planet the one reciting poetry about her husband cant explain more without spoilers:) but perhaps she could be a companion since she was a really interesting character ingame.


Well i hope the developers take a good look at this and hopefully agree with me on this and put this idea to use and well thanks in advance.

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