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Why does Marauder's Medium Armor Look exactly the same as Juggernaut Heavy Armor?


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Now, I know the simple answer is "So we don't have to design and create additional armors", but this is really starting to irritate me.


When I selected Juggernaut over Marauder, there was a sense of choosing between the cooler heavy armor, or the cooler looking dual wielding. Yet now, marauders basically get to have their cake and eat it to.


Take the new War Hero sets for instance, not only do Marauders get two lightsabers, their Medium armor implausibly looks just as heavy and protective as Heavy armor? Then, beyond that, they even get the cooler looking red version, while Juggernauts get stuck with friggin' blue and purple?


I mean, come on, throw us a bone and at least give us black or something!


Please, in the future do more to distinguish between medium and heavy armor sets so there is an appreciable difference from looking at them.

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