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Ok, so, hmm. There are a few issues aren't there?


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Ok, in no particular order.


There's the whole "The game is down right now and will be for a good long while" thing. They gave us a free day for that. I do believe it should be at least a week really. You never go 1 for 1 when you screw up. You burn someones steak, you give them the steak they paid for AND dessert and a drink. Today is the burnt steak, the free day is the day we all paid for. So no one is really "getting" anything, it's just, our day is being removed and moved to a later time.


So yeah that day needs to be extended to a few weeks or something.


Then the free month... only for level fifties. I can see why this annoyed people. Just give it to everyone who WOULD have qualified if they were 50.


The free month was a solution to the PVP problems... so I guess we can take those off the table for now.


Then there's the thing with the mods and set bonuses...


Some people paid a lot of money to pull mods out of their gear, whether it be PVP or PVE, and they found that half a million bucks got them, cooler looking gear, and a loss of set bonuses. So that needs to be fixed. I say fix the set bonuses and refund all the money. That's only fair.


Oh and they need to fix the 5 MILLION credit auction house on the ship so that it's actually useful. There needs to be triple functionality for that price. Access the Republic, Empire, and Neutral Auction house. Either 3 windows or a toggle switch or something.


Oh and Black Hole dailies should give 11k gold per, and not 7k.


I think that covered everything? Did I miss anything people are complaining about? And do the solutions I proposed seem to be enough?

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