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Jedi Knight Act 3 Boss help!


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Hello there!


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First let me note that there are definitely a few threads on this topic in the forum so searching will be worthwhile.


My first time using the spoiler tags so I hope I do it correctly...




As someone mentioned, and as I hope you've learned by now, interrupt EVERYTHING you can. Always. Unless you need to save your interrupt for a specific ability (I can't recall which abilities the Emperor does honestly). One other suggestion is to use Force Sweep to temporarily stun the clones to give you some time to kill them. When they awake from that, use Awe to stun them again. Most likely by this time you will have gotten most/all of them, then back on the Emperor to finish him off.

Also be sure to use your defensive CDs when appropriate and this should be a fairly simple fight. Took me about 6 tries to beat him, adjusting my strategy a bit each time (was Focus tree Sentinel at the time)

Btw, T7 is a chump and I spent more than he's worth in credits getting him good gear before I finished my story (some jerk had spoiled it for me =( ). He's gonna die in the battle and probably near the start. That's fine, he's there to die like chump =P .




Good luck =)

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