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Improve Starships- player Houseing.


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:)Warning, im dyslexic. So i can't speel very well.:D


Any way, i resently started playing swtor and i noticed that the starships are fantasyic, well they are. but it made me think. Why isnt there the ability to customize your starship with unimportant cozmetic but useable things?Runescape does this. It works realy well and works realy well for roleplayers and just people like me that want to customize a house.


I relise that some ships are a bit cramped like the bounty hunter ship, so i see no reson why they can't just make them larger like a tardis or just make the actual inside and outside model bigger in order to fit the things.


But what would you put into them? NOT a galactic market koisk and keep it that you can't send companions off on crew tasks when inside. If they did this then there would be less incentive to go to the fleet. Ending up World of Warcraft. Yet there wouldn't be any harm in just being able to buy or build tables and chairs and paintings, flowers, decorationsuseable beds. all kinds of fun and cozmetic things that would just me alittle bit of fun. :)


i found that in the fury, theres alot of empty space that could be filled with this stuff. BUT! what about when we run out of room? well... i think we should be able to buy our own larger capital ship like the greedy empire and republic have. these capital ships would be compleatly sperate from the MMO and you would be allowed to take friends to these ships in our small ships and just have a good social time, or sit there on your own being anti-social. fill these capital ships with useless things just like your small ships. they could even base some space missions around your capital ship, for example, the republic discoverd you and you need to defend it. this would be AMAZEING!


Theu could go even further, small planets named by you, these could come with a small hanger for your starship that could take you to your capital ship. a choice of terrains for your planet and an empty expandable building. You could pay credits to expand the building and do landscapeing around it, fill the surface with animals and plant life. don't forget the traing grounds and swimming pool. keep the capital ship in orbit looking preaty and that would still serve as houseing. base space missions around the planet.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! why can't we have this?? make it cost millions of credits and make us work for it. just think about how cool it would be. remember, no vendors, no AH, WHY CAN'T WE HAVE THIS? i know it would be alot of work but it would totaly be worth it. theres only one two mmos that do something like this eve online and runescape.


well thats my ideas, please discuss!




I'm also actually diagnosed dyslexic, but not so bad I can't get things with my browser's spell check. Just want to say, good idea.


Real good ideas here, and I want more starship/space ideas like this implemented.

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I believe the reason they gave for not doing ship interior customization is that it doesn't play well with the on-ship cinematics.


They could add BOTH instanced housing (apartments in major cities) and open-world spaces with some carefully-zoned housing lots for player communities, as well as capital ships and orbital stations.


I'm not holding my breath. It doesn't seem like they want to make that sort of game... you know, the type that people remain loyal to 15 years after launch.

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