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A day with a healer.


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Standing here guarding a turrent.


Hmm im CC'd...wait a minute im being stabbed...crap half health cant move STILL...ohh i see him now.. gonna do a knockback....crap he is gone ***... ok im unstunned let me cast my 2 second heal and hope it crits me for 4k ...crap he is back CC'd again...dam im dead...



ok found a good DPS'r im gonna follow my teammate around and heal him . We run into light saber wielding player #267bj17783=1237gty-1276 . Ok my teammate and him are going at it.. ill throw him a heal..bam 3K !! heal...oh **** ...he is now focused on me...crap force choke and im on fire !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! **** pop my get out of jail free card...crap CC'd again!!!! *** ..ouch 6.9 light saber smack...let me get off my 2 second heal!!!!!!! stop attacking me...this 77% push back thing isnt working!!!!!!!!!!!!!! crap dead....


in a nut shell.

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