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Patch 1.2.0a Seriously? You Break the game for this?


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1.2.0a Patch Notes




Addressed an issue that could prevent characters from being deleted.

Made improvements to the CS ticketing system.


You people seriously brought down the servers, caused a ton of more problems and effectively broke the game during Spring Break in the US causing all players to loose a total of 2 days of play time (add up total downtime for the 4 maintinence periods so far this week) just to patch this? Have you people lost your flippin' minds or did you have one to start with?


How bought fixing the dang sound problem that is now present on each fleet as a result of patch 1.2 (constant jet engine sound roaring everywhere in the station). How bout put space combat back the way it was, it was fine, now it lags and sometimes doesn't start properly. How bout addressing real issues and bugs that have been present since launch instead of pushing out a patch that could have seriously waited til next Tuesday's cycle.


If what you people posted in your patch notes is the only thing you "fixed" from the 1.2 launch then you seriously have your priorities out of order. Please do us all a favor and get your heads out of your butts, listen to the majority of the playing community that is paying your fat salaries and fix what needs fixing and stop breaking things that work fine. Don't post lame excuse patch notes for things that can wait, if you fix more than what you post, then dangit post everything you fix in the patch, otherwise, you are going to continue to piss off your customers, loose subscriptions, and be standing in the unemployment line before you know it.


We PAY for this game, we want what we payed for, no more excuses!

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Have you even read the thread about the downtime? It wasn't the patch that broke things, it was the roll back. Seriously if you cant find something else to do for 1 day off peak then there's something wrong with you. Go read a book.
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Ok, first off, I did read everything about this that was posted, and second off if they had not brought the servers down to push this patch in the first place then they would not have had a rollback occur, so yes, it was the fact that they pushed this totally useless patch that caused the loss of a day.


And if you had read my post you would have seen this is Spring Break in the US, I work for the local high school, so this week is a big deal to those of us in the school system, instead of having the full week we get off to play, we've lost 2 full days, so yea, I have a right to be upset.


I pay the same amount you pay, so I can voice my thoughts just as you can.


No Patch 1.2.0a = No Rollback = No Downtime


BW should have never ever pushed this patch today, it was not a game defining patch, it has no real bug fixes in it period.

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I Work for the School, not a kid, don't drink, married (sex stops after marriage and kids)....


BioWare is not just out to get me, they are out to get you, and every other Paying customer they have.... if you have not figured out by now with all the copy/past canned responses from there CS Team that they don't give a rat's butt about the people that are paying their bills and their salaries then I guess you never will....


All I said in a nut shell was that they had no good reason for pushing patch 1.2.0a at all, none, zilch, nada... nothing game saving in the patch, but by pushing the patch for whatever reason they broke it.....


Just thought it would be nice if they stop pushing out patches that are not critical during peak times, and when they do push out patches, disclose everything included in the patch and stop hiding things then lieing about it. BioWare needs to PROVE they care about the people that pay them, because right now, they don't.

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