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Overall service has been pretty good


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I have to admit when I logged in and saw the servers down I wasn't the happiest person but after reading what caused the issue and peoples responses I took a different look at it. Overall we've had good service from Bioware in this game, MMOs are huge and a lot can go wrong. I'm pretty sure that in the time they're taking to bring the servers back up someone is thinking of a way to make this not happen again.


Stuff happens, maybe they had a new patch delivery system in place but weren't going to deploy it until after 1.2 was done and then this happened and now all hell broke lose.


I'm not upset anymore because I know how crazy it must be over at Austin and wherever else that's involved in getting these servers back up. So ya I'll go do something else, and if the servers aren't up at 4pm pst then I know they're still working on it to deliver a stable environment

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