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I played the 1st 2 months and quit for a month and came back for 1.2 Seriously doubting I will play past the free 30 they gave us.


Was really nice to see 170 ppl on the fleet again. Hadn't seen that since launch times but I doubt that those #'s are going to stay that high. With the amount of unhappy people from this patch. From the no rated warzones to armor bonuses not going over to crafted gear and the whole mess up with the patch in general.


I mean it costs us .50 cents a day to play but I kinda don't know what we are playing for. I really want them to fix their issues but I don't know if they are going to be able to keep players unless the real issues of the game are solved in a timely manner.


I will thank BW for the free 30 days though, I have never received 30 free days for having a max character, at least as far as I can remember in my 10 years of MMO's. I can't say if I will stay or not at this point but it was a good gesture. Specially since a lot of us do rip hard on you guys for messing up.



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