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Min Maxing PvP Gear


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Hey all,


Post 1.2, I want to maximize Power and Surge


I used to wear 4-piece BM stalker gear with power/surge champion enhancements installed. Prior to 1.2, I switched everything back to its original accuracy enhancements to get the expertise bonus.


Anyways, my question is: Should I switch back to those champ enhancements? Also, where can I get good power/surge enhancements?


I'm not a PvE'er, but I guess I could go grind some raids with my guild if I have to pick up Rakata stuff. If this is the case, what should I be looking for?


Thanks! Any help would be appreciated.


[My current config:


- BM Stalker Robe

- BM Stalker L. Robe

- BM Stalker Boots

- BM Stalker Headgear

- BM Stalker Belt

- BM Force Master Gloves

- BM Force Master Bracers

- BM Stalker Earpiece

- BM Stalker Implants x2

- BM Force Master Main

- BM Stalker Offhand

- Rakata Power Relic

- Matrix Cube


All of them are in their original state]

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You're not going to find BM enhancements/mods with power/surge/expertise. You can't go the champion or rakata route because expertise is an even bigger deal now in 1.2. You absolutely don't need accuracy.


It sounds like you're up a creek without a paddle. You're going to be gimped either way until you buy a BM ForceMaster set.

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What's the point of getting BM Forcemaster gear for its enhancements? They're all +alacrity (which is better than accuracy), but still pretty worthless for a deep balance spec. I guess, I'll just save for War Hero gear.
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