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My subscription. It shall remain active.


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Oh Bioware, you really did shoot yourself in the foot by encouraging us to enjoy all of the content and then telling us level 50's are you most valued players, and not players like me, who bought the game on release and have been marvelling at your interactive storylines ever since.

But I forgive you, because your initial advice was good.

I forgive you because for all the mistakes, no-one here can deny that your employees ARE trying. They may not be succeeding, but the impression I get is that you're bringing out new content much faster than most other games. And with each patch, we get some new problems, but we get more solutions.

We wanted out armour matching options back - and we got them. Perhaps next patch you'll let us match our companions armour and hide their headslots too?

Endgame content is coming. And for the people that rushed, can I suggest you roll another character and enjoy the scenery? And another, and another. There are 8 classes. Surely only the most hardcore players did ALL of their storylines, romances an storyline changing options?

There are adorable new pets, and colour crystals, I haven't checked yet but I have a sneaking suspicion you put some nicer armour in for me to play 'Star Wars: Pretty Jedi Fashion show' with.

The legacy buffs are so incredibly useful. No longer do I have to keep buffing other players in the futile hope that one will be polite enough to return the favour.

And now when I buff other players out of force of habbit, I feel 2-3 times as useful :)


All in all, you lost me at the extremity of the BH healing nerf, you got me back with the baby Tauntaun, you cemented my love with armour matching, and dug it up with not applying it to companions. But then you gave me access to pretty new crystals, so you have at least a week of me simply going 'oooh pretty sparkly bright colours...of lasery death'.


I think people forget too quickly that this game is new in several senses to MMO's, and newer still for Bioware to be handling. I think people forget that it's a content based game, that more will be added, and that it's new. They're GOING to make mistakes. They're going to make bigger mistakes than this. The customer service isn't perfect, the downtime is a bit much sometimes. But, for the most part, staff reply to our forum questions, messages to customer service are answered fairly promptly (and usually by actual people, not a robot 'copy and paste' message) and I, at least, feel like I'm listened to.

How many other MMO's can you honestly say put more (or even as much) effort in?


For these reasons, I'll continue my subscription, on a monthly basis. Maybe they'll mess it up terribly and if they do, I'll come back a few months later. Because this has the potetial to be a fantastic game, and I think it will get there.

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