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The game is good, but so far the customer policy is outrageous !


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First I want to address all those WoW players, that keep whining about Blizzard - I played WoW for 6 years, at the start and after every major patch there wore the same server issues. These are normal things, a project like this isn't that easy to maintein.


Second I want to address the BioWare team: You guys made a really fun to play game, but (there is always a but) - You can't say that someone is loyal for 3 months of game time. Either You make the 30 days free promo for all active subscribers or don't make it at all (at least not that early in the game). It's really offending for people who pay (I got billed last night). Are we not loyal to the game since we don't have level 50 character?


Improve the game, make patches, expansions etc., just don't release them before your sure that everything is working.

I'm sure there are some CEO, Financial directors, accounting departments etc. who keep pushing the Dev. team to make things faster, and faster. Don't feel threatened by the upcoming release of D3 (or any other game in that matter), when you screw the patch, the chances are to lose more subscribers to that, then to an other game.

Best regards !

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