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I <3 Bioware (a short poem)


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I love bioware yes I do,

They made the old republic for me and you.


For a while it was great and I had some fun,

That wasn't it though, bioware was not done!


They promised 1.2 and had a grand plan,

And it ended up being worse than when it began


So now when the new content runs dry.

The server goes offline in a blink of an eye.


And when I try to ask why...

They lock my threads.




How did I do?

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I decided to have a go too!




I went to the official forums

Found a bunch of morons

All they could do was q q

Not like me and you


It seemed to be cool

To be acting like a fool

Playing up to the community

Seems being happy I'm a minority


Always hate for Bioware

Like anyone has a care

Face the facts

Their posts...are full of cracks

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