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Dear Bioware, Close but No Cigar


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I just wanted to say that bioware, when it comes to Sorcerer Healing in 1.2 you were on the right track. We were overpowered and u did focus on the right elements. That being said, you went too far. Here is what you should have done and MUST fix in a quick patch to balance Healing in PVE. Make a hybrid of the pre 1.2 and 1.2 Innervate criticals


IE. Make Innervate Criticals prevent degeneration AND reduce 50% (or 35% minimum) of the health cost of consumption. In addition increase the force cost reduction on Dark Infusion to AT LEAST 40%.




Two simple adjustments that by no means will return sorcerer healing to easy mode but as you claim to be interested in Class balance...This needs to be fixed Immediately. Companies often go overboard with nerfs which is why I highly recommend you do this. Even a 25% Reduction to the health cost of consumption by innervate would be closer to the target of balance for healing.



Although, The Dark Infusion Cast time removed from resurgence was a great idea in 1.2, People are constantly complaining that its useless, but they don't understand what preemptive healing is and why shielding and resurgence armor is in the game.



Again, Please Consider this Closely as you have nearly removed all fun from a classes healing spec and caused people to want to avoid sorcerer healers in OPS/Flashpoints.

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