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Love letter to Bioware, for the sake of Starwars and SWTOR.


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I didn't want to write this letter, but now it seems I have to.

Quick rundown of myself to let you know where I'm coming from.


Born in the late 70's, saw old trilogy first of course, loved it, big fan of the franchise ever since. Started playing video/computer games in my early 20's.

Played most of your stuff, loved it, kotor,dragonage,mass effect,swtor.

So I think I represent a very large chuck of your audience.

That being said, here is the point.


Looks of characters, armor, availabillity, top level modable (now known as modable with augment slot item.)


Why is this important you might think, oh wait, this is a roleplay game/mmo/ story based very immersive cinematic experience.

So how things look is important I think. Yes, this is true. I can't believe it is not. My opinion of course.


So what is the problem, well it seems you've taken an odd turn and made these things kind of hard to get to.

If this is wrong, and getting a (complete) set of say ordinary looking clothing/robe/armor/ mix of all of the above, is easy, then by all means, do not continue reading.


Now, I know you are still reading because this is not true.

Even the opening modable (complete) set for all characters is very hard to come by, battle expulsor, saber marshal, imperator, panther, and so on.


And now it seems you're going some odd way with reverse engineering, but even then it'll be hard to get a complete modable set with augment slot, for us to run around looking like we want to look.


And the armor looks have taken a turn for the worse you know that too I'm sure, things are starting to come out looking like haloween costumes.

With extensions and satelite dishes sticking off of heads and shoulders, what is that?


You don't want the top end gear in this game looking like a sci-fi haloween spacesuits.

You want it looking like a classic piece of gear for example Darth Maul's robes, simple elegant. Emperor Sidious's robes simple elegant, Han Solo's cptn outfit, simple elegant, with long sleveed jacket or vest. Boba Fett's armor, to the point, practical.

Luke's gear in any of the three, simple, practical.


OK, so what is the constructive simple easy soloution to this.


Advanced class gear vendor, one for each by trainer at fleet's.


He/she/it sells atleast 10 different (complete) sets of modable gear with augment slot.

For a reasonable price, 100k a piece is not reasonable, you don't want to spend 1m credits to change outfit if you have to, that is not right, prices should be easy accessable.

10-50k per piece max.

That said, pull down on top level mod extraction prices, they are silly!


So, for an example of outfits to be sold, now this can be mirrored to any advanced class by looks and example of clothing/robe/armor and location.


The Jedi Temple on Tython is filled with Jedi in different versions of the battle expulsor set.

Some with metal detail some without any metal just the plain robes.

You take that outfit, colour it in tan, light brown, brown, dark brown, very dark brown, black, grey, dark grey, very dark grey, white, and a few other colours for fun, nothing too haloween!

Even stick the metal on in differenet verisons and you got even more outfits.


And voila, you got the guardian advanced class robe collection.


(In Cptn Lazard voice) Many many many people would stand and cheer if you did this, I am sure of it, and not to assume too much, but I think I speak for atleast 80% of the people wanting to enjoy this game. And are doing it in some respect currently as is, but not really.


Yours sincerely.


P.s. would be sweet if a dev would post and say this has been read by the directors of the game, because it needs to be.


Rock on 2012 SWTOR! :)


P.p.s. also add the hood and glove toggle of course, easy win!

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