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Bioware PVP group Assemble system is totally unbalanced


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I feel sorry for all the people who are experiencing this inbalance and I am sure for many it will mean the end of the game. (not for me).


Balancing is not all about class balance and ability balance. I believe Bioware has done a very good job in that compared to other MMO's.

It is also about balancing the groups. You play with 8 against 8 and here Bioware is totally failing (my impression - at least on our server Bao-dur).


It looks like they really don't have a mechanism to assemble groups and they just put them in without looking at premade, gear stats, PVP stats etc .... or they have a mecanisme but cannot use it because of the low population on servers and they have to just put in whatever they can get.


If pugged low geared mixed groups all the time have to play against core fully BM premades using vent you know what the end result will be and skill has little saying in this at all. With v1.2 it is even worst because of the low reward returns for the loosers so the gap is even bigger. (I know one playing 40WZ over a week and winning 0 of them, tried to get for one week a PVP daily done). It has to stay fun for every single player, no matter what ..... everybody need to win and loose in balanced way, simple rule of MMO PVP econimics (subs econimics).

As it looks Bioware really underestimate what impact that will have on subs. Imagine a core few who get all the time fresh blood beating them up over and over untill they utterly give up, unsubbing, new ones coming, etc .... (like the Rich, middle class and poor).

The middle class is feeding the few rich but Bioware money need to come from the middle class.


Possible solution:

1) Cross server PVP so have a bigger pool, increase chance. Why Bioware does not want.

2) Create group based on stats. Bioware does not do or cannot do because of low population (and no cross server).

3) Disable premade queus. Why Bioware does not want to do that? They want to cater for the few?


Will ranked WZ which are cross server solve the above? I am not sure .... but I am looking forward to see the change ... I want Bao Dur server to grow again .... and want all players to have fun.

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We tried queueing as an 8 man op last night. It still doesn't work. Running with two groups of 4 doesn't guarantee they both get into the same wz.


So, the system is broken on even deeper levels.


The only time you repeatedly roll against a premade is when a particular guild (I'm gonna guess Imp) dominates that faction and rolls their team pretty much as the only Imps queueing for pvp at that time.


But yes, it's all broken beyond belief.

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