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Strange "crackling" sound after combat ends


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Not sure if this is specific to Vanguards (what I play) or not.


Yesterday while playing I noted that after combat ended there would be a strange "crackling" sound near where the mobs had died. As soon as I moved away from them the sound would decrease and then disappear completely when I was about 10 meters away.


The "crackling" sound is similar to a muted version of the Pulse Cannon sound. It sounds almost like static electricity.


Has anyone else noticed this? I had never noted this before, and the sound is irritating/grating enough that I'm sure I would have noticed it before 1.2.


(Again, I'm noticing this on my Vanguard.)

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I just logged in and the issue appears to no longer be happening.


No more irratating "crackling"! :)


EDIT: I spoke too soon. I was just doing the daily "[Heroic 2+] A Lesson is Learned" and noticed the problem again. It didn't happen with all the packs in the instance, but 3 of the 5 had the "crackling" sound going on in their immediate area *BEFORE* combat was even initiated. Really irritating. I don't remember this happening before 1.2.

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