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Please review your pvp an population issues, QUICKLY!


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( I know, big wall of text, i just had alot to say!)

I find BWs pvp system disturbing! I can list off numerous times people are active in a wz an they don't make the cut, they get little to nothing. Alot of people are "average" players, some are less then, an some are more then, the ones who struggle are the ones who are going to get taken advantage of by this new flawed system. Bioware is trying hard to soothe the cry babies by implementing changes to penalize the botters, an the changes are in turn hurting the innocent players who aren't botting, but trying to play. Furthermore, I have had issues with getting into wzs that are half or more over an have been penalized for it. I was qued just like everyone else, yet, because of server population issues, alot of games for one faction are hindered by lack of numbers, where the other faction gets a pat on the back for having so many players. I believe the word is favortism, an it isn't faction specific! On the server I play on, Republic players are outnumbered 4 to 1, so, all the Imperial players are reaping all sorts of benefits from this, while the Republic side struggles with being able to get 8 people for the wz to start. I have seen more games then I like that have started on my server where we had 4 to 5 to start the game( I will admit, my playing times vary, an I am not always available to play at prime time.). Our side eventually fills, but by then, the damage is done, lets face it, the faction with the best numbers wins. BW you have a serious server population issue, which is backlashing an hurting all sorts of other areas in the game. Patch 1.2 should have addressed this issue, sadly, the ball got dropped. An NO! I refuse to reroll, I have alot of time invested in all the toons I have. I know I missed something to point out ...


I am not going to threaten to quit, or go all emo, I will quietly wait an watch, an if things don't get fixed, I will just fade away.

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