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What are you doing during downtime .. besides complaining.


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The Gaming industry is producing stuff way faster than I can consume it. So ATM I am downloading the Panda Beta. I also hav not finished ME2 (Much less ME3) ... heck I have Starcraft II to play .. and more. All neglected because I am playing SWTOR almost exclusivly.


As a retired programmer, I can understand how mistakes are made (I made a few myself). Updating software like SWTOR accross a zillion servers world wide is a humoungous undertaking. Heck just updating the Data Bases boggles my little mind. All those new variables and the new data having to be melded into the existing data .. not to mention all the Server executables being replaced .. then there are the 1.6 million clients to update. Of course some programming GOD has automated all this work, so the CIO just has to run one little script for it to happen (not).


Anyway I ain't complaining. I still really like SWTOR and have confidence that they will get it sorted. :)

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