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1.2 on the right track....needs fixes


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I like many of you pvp'd on WoW for years. One of the things I loved other than the freshness of SWToR was the skill it took to play well. I think that's one of the big reasons for so many complaints on the forums -- skill usually wins out and lesser skilled players do not like to continually get beaten.


I've pvp'd on 4 or 5 classes and settled in on an assault commando. I enjoyed the mobility and the damage output if played well. Killing multiple healers in a voidstar needed communication and coordination. Even then it might have been a futile effort. I enjoyed going up against a BM geared player when I was in centurion and use my limited escapes and line of sights and running around posts and trying to stay hidden and taking a good chunk of his life before succumbing. In 1.2 a BM geared player will take a centurion geared player down in 3 seconds regardless of skill.


So 1.2 hit. I think a lot went well. The new WZ was great. It allows for some epic comebacks like one I was in last night that we were down 40ish% to 2% and came back and won. The fact that RNG was taken out of the gear rewards is also a great move. Our normally dead faction was popping last night. Queues were fast. Games were fun.


The problem is the damage output. The changes to expertise....well I see what they are trying to do. Not only did they nerf heals but they nerfed healing and buffed damage through expertise. The net result is that everything is dying way too fast.


No more line of sights. No more kiting. No more positioning. Very little skill needed. For now the better geared team will usually beat a lesser geared but more skilled team. Full BM with the War Hero crafted chest are getting nuked. Healers are getting nuked. Everyone is getting nuked.


It's fun for a bit but it went too far. They need to come up with some other formula to limit healing effectiveness (if that's what they feel they need) than just straight making everyone nuke.


Anyways..that's my opinion. Anyone else feel the same?

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