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Options for buff/debuff display


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Hey there BW!!


In love with the new UI customization options, but have a request for some more functionality around buffs and debuffs. Specifically I would like the ability to display buffs/debuffs in a bar timer format instead of the current format, and I could make the same request for our ability timers. I justify this by saying that I spend a huge amount of time staring at my bars and my character frame, in addition to the target frame, to make sure my rotation is tight and I am using abilities at the right time. This leaves me some times feeling situationally unaware at what is going on around me. I would love the ability to instead display these timers a little of center of the middle of my screen so I can keep my eyes on the fight/environment and still be aware of ability/DoT/cooldown timers.


Thanks in advance!!

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