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hmm so I don't matter to this company


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hmm I read the celebrate the patch thread and it has realy bothered me.


the little pet thing is realy cool idea as just the other night I told the wife I wanted one of thos as a pet.


the free month is not cool I work 60 hours a week and play this game every night when i get off but my time is limited so I do not have a char to 50 yet.


so being I do not have a level 50 char I am not a MOST VALUED CUSTOMER. whats that make me A WORTHLESS CUSTOMER?


i pay just as much as anyone with a level 50 char for both my accounts


it is highly unfair and very disrespectfully to out right segragate players in the game and call them your most valued customers. When everyone pays the same amount to play.


if you want to offer a reward to celebrate the patch you should offer the same reward to all.


I know I am serisouly considering canceling my sub to the game while its a great game but i would rather go back to wow if this is the attitude this company is going to tak toward me as a customer. least they treat all accounts the same world of warcraft there.


i am not going to tell one of my kids I like them better and give them the big present and tell the other one there just not as good as the other child.

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You're upset over 15 dollars? That's a quarter tank of gas. If 15 bucks hurts you that much, maybe you have bigger problems in life.


This, plus, if they hand out goodies to low levels, there is no content in higher levels.

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They shouldn't have announced this bonus.

They should have just slipped it in with an email to all affected parties.

That way all the chumps without 50s wouldn't know what they're missing and make countless threads complaining about not getting a piece of the pie.

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Hello everyone,


We know that a number of you wish to discuss this topic and in order to keep the discussion together we ask that everyone use this thread. This will help to ensure our forums are tidy and everyone can participate in the ongoing conversation. We will be closing this thread, feel free to carry on there!

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