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WHy are you not sticking to your word about fixing Rakata gear stats?




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Originally Posted by antonmb

The itemization/mods inside Rakata gear on the PTS are MUCH better. However, will we be allowed to trade in our current Rakata gear for the new ones then?


Right now, the Rakata mods I already have (some pulled out) are NOT retroactively affected by this change - however, the Rakata pieces on my companion for example, whose mods I didn't change, WERE affected by the new itemization. If this is the case, then it's like we'll have to work on grabbing our sets all over again just because 1.2 Rakata mods > 1.1.x Rakata mods. So I do hope there will be retroactive change, even if the mods have been pulled out.


Secondly, the Battlemaster Mods/Enhancements have the same stat budgets as Rakatas, but with +expertise. So, it feels like you can just grind WZ commendations, pull out the BM mods, and slot them in and get Rakata-level/equal stats +expertise. Is this intended? Or do the devs intend to reduce the secondary stat budgets on the BM gear because of the added expertise on the mods/enhancements?

Hey, some answers.


1. Yes, we have updated the stat distribution on Rakata gear with 1.2.


2. If you have not modified your gear, it will seamlessly update the mods inside when you log into the game the first time after the patch has been applied.


3. If you have modified your gear, it will retain any changes you have made. Any mods you didn't change out will update.


4. Restoring the original mods into the item, before 1.2, will cause them to upgrade at the time of the patch.


The problem, of course, is that if you hand modified your gear, we ultimately have no way of knowing what your intention was. Maybe you wanted to use the mod you removed somewhere else, maybe you just wanted to replace it. We cannot make any assumption as to the intention of individual users when modding the item, preventing us from upgrading already modified items post fact.


TL;DR: Any 'original' mod in an updated item will upgrade with the patch. Any 'foreign' mod added to an item will be left untouched.


Hope that answers your questions.

Georg "Observer" Zoeller

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I was assuming this was Truth! But it appears it was not. Rakata boots are WORSE than Columi! How was it allowed to happen in the first place!?

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