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Have you notcied increased movement speed?


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As far as I can tell, it appears as though every class/spec's out of combat AND in-combat movement speeds have increased. This is most apparent when I'm on my Carnage marauder (significant increase to movement speed, resulting in much more "circle-running"around all types of enemies when I don't happen to have a slow effect on me). I've noticed this on my sorcerer and assassin as well (happens to be rather frustrating for my sin, since I can't maul as easily - gunna' need to reset his skillpoints for the movement speed bonus). Hell, I've even noticed it on my Sorcerer and Sniper (marksman snipe, mind you).


I believe this in addition to how lop-sided most PUG warzones tend to be now (resulting in quicker matches) + how condensed the new WZ's map happens to be (resulting in short life-times for most of the people that continually bother zerging South) + the new voidstar mechanic (where the team defending first has the biggest chance for speed medals if they can prevent a bomb plant on the first room - resulting in the game ending instantly upon explosion of a 1st room bomb plant during their attacking phase).


Throw in the fact that some older bugs (debatable, since I've never seen SOME of the claims occuring even when teammates have claimed "he stealth-bug planted!" despite the fact that I've seen the cloaky who planted the bomb visible right behind the defender crying exploit - but I can't say I'm certain whether or not they are exploiting) have reappeared (most annoying one is people in ops group not having ops chat), lack of understanding on how the new WZ functions (took me 3 matches at most to learn that multiple people activating the panel decreases cap time + total cap time invested isn't lost even if interrupted/defeated and that defending a node which the enemy has SOME cap time towards needs to be activated again to restore full cap times - well, apparently many PUGs, despite the fact that I've seen them in the WZ 10+ times and even had people whisper to them explaining everything in case they can't see ops chat still continue to ignore these things - they'll regenerate aft you just rolled the defenders while you solo cap at the minimum speed resulting in enemies being able to respawn and return prior to caps/solo defenders will defeat an enemy that was trying to ninja cap 1v1, but refuse to activate the terminal to regain full control, etc), + new bugs - many of which are base on the new WZ (enemies appear to be 10m+ away from control terminal yet they're activating it and you cannot hit them with melee/ground-targeted AoE's, or any attacks unless you have proper LoS to their actual location, for example.


All these issues are likely compounding the fact that many popular classes underwent a change - I say change, because every good player I know for every single class that has been changed have actually admitted that they're performing BETTER (surprisingly, I've heard this from our server's 3 best dps operatives, as well) and seen that their highest damage attacks have been 4.8-5.4k and their total damage has increased by about 100k per match - albeit, some of this is likely attributed to the movement speed increase I've noticed).

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