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Hidden 1.2.0a Patch Notes


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- Remodelled Part of Alderaan to move Orobird quest-related objects around. (And i'm talking a decent remodel, they actually destroyed a whole bridge, among other things)


I don't mind that they did it.


It was VERY important to not give the PTS people an advantage.

What I mind is they are providing incomplete patch notes for inconsequential things, and in fact by NOT providing this patch note some people wouldn't bother looking for orobirds because they would feel they are already "too far behind".


Developers... There is no point in releasing patch notes if they are incomplete about stuff that actually matters to players. You coulda gained a lot of karma for this move if you'd been upfront about it.

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Patch notes need to be inclusive, or why bother providing them at all?


Edit: and inclusive doesn't have to mean spoily. putting in the notes:


"rearranged a few planets to better hide the eggs"


would have been sufficient.

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