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companion speccing?


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would it be possible in the future to allow speccing (changing crew skills, abilities, attacks, weapon used, etc) of your companions ti suit your need? example, changing Akaavi Spar to ranged weapon specialist (pistols) vs melee (tech-staff). obviously changing 1 companion would require restricting other companions from being the same setup. but changing a companions spec would give more versatility to the players.
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Weapons and role - Would be great but I dont see it happening.

I suspect the quickest outcome would be everyone choosing their favourite character and then turning them into the role they need.



Nadia Grell becomes a Jedi Healer for Consulars

Kalyio becomes a Ranged Healer for Agents

Ashara becomes a Jedi Healer for Inquisitors


Yada.. yada


End result romantic interests get turned into the role the player needs and the rest end up sitting on the ship for the rest of their lives doing crafting.



Crafting profession - That I could see happening and it makes sense for it to be possible

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players already have a favorite companion anyways, for any number of reasons.


the real purpose is more for low levels to have a more capable companion. once you get to 40+, you usually have a sufficient variety of companions.


now this doesn't count the aspect of changing their primary crew skill "bonus" to something else, so that if you choose a crew skill, but don't have a companion that specializes in that skill you can change it.

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