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guardian x healers 1.2


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Hi, i just want to know how fair are you guys doing when fighting 1x1 vs healers classes.

Yesterday night i did some shots, and to be honest my results were not so good...


Im a lvl 47 guardian, with valor rank 47 (because the game dont let me pass my lvl until 50 ¬¬) with the lvl 40 pvp set, lvl 46 pvp lightsaber, and some purple higher lvl itens, and i just couldnt kill some lvl 38-42 healers, everytime i tried to kill them in 1x1 my dmg was not enought to do the job, even when using force kick and interrupts in the right time.


i would like to know your experience in this kind of situation, and how fair full defense builds are doing in 1.2 pvp.


just to complete the post, this is +- the build im going to use when reach lvl 50:

http://www.torhead.com/skill-calc#500GMGzudMdfzZcGZ0M.1 the only change i can think is putting some points in Perseverance :D

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I would find it a designflaw if a tank could simply solo a healer.

Tanks have limited use in PVP as they are only good at a few things. Soaking up dmg from the other teams dpsers and disrupting tactics.

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To be honest I would never try to solo a healer as a tank (and sometimes as dps). At 50 there is just very little chance of taking one down solo.


In group pvp think of it as a trade off. They loose 1 healer while they are healing themselves and your team looses a tank. Also you get a lot of agro from the other side so more start attacking you (which is an even better effect if you can stay alive). Fair trade I think.


Personally as a guardian tank I run around with taunts and just make myself a royal nuicence!


...there's still nothing as fun as watching 4 sorcs lightning on you while you have all your cooldowns on.

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Go focus :p if you want to kill a healer 1v1, it can be done say as defence but requires heavy interrupt rotations Awe, leap and Kick ( can't remember if thats what the spell is called :p).


Though I was only able to do it against Sages and possibly commando's, Haven't tried it on scoundrels yet. This was done before the healing nerfs on sages so it should be a lot easier now.

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I think the general consensus is that a tank-specc'ed Guardian will probably be unable to actually kill a moderately-competent healer. Even DPS-spec will likely struggle against a healer who knows what he's doing. That said, unless you only want to get kills (in which case I'd consider looking into a Focus Guardian for burst DPS), I think a tank Guardian can be pretty effective in WZs against healers. Here are some thoughts (none of which, I am sure, are terribly original):


1) Remember that just doing damage to a healer can be enough to give your team a big edge, even if you can't kill the healer outright. Healers are valuable in WZs because they can spend their healing spells to keep the rest of their team alive. If you're doing enough damage to the healer that he has to spend most of his time healing himself rather than his teammates, then you've effectively neutralized the healer, even if you haven't killed him. This is doubly true if the healer isn't on top of his energy management (many Sage/Sorc are struggling with this after the 1.2 nerf) - Guardians' focus ability gives better sustainability in longer fights than most other casting resources. With all of those heals going to the healer rather than his teammates, your teammates should be in a much better position. Even a tank Guardian should be able to put out enough damage to keep a healer on his toes.


2) Even if you're not doing a ton of damage, at tank Guardian can be a real pain if he can get near a few of the healer/ranged DPS types. Tank Guardians have great utility when it comes to taunts, stuns, and interrupts, all of which can really screw with opposing DPS/healing rotations. This is especially true on maps like Voidstar, where you'll often see clumps of Snipers/Sorcerers/Mercenaries hanging back together. This kind of disruption is most effective when there are a group of enemies huddled together, and you can try to disrupt several casters at the same time (it quickly becomes a difficult but very interesting multi-tasking challenge).


3) Defense Guardians have a lot of stuns and interrupts as well as great durability and a renewable resource, which can make them an excellent anti-caster asset if played well. Maximizing the utility of your stuns and interrupts takes practice and maybe a bit of research - for example, you'll probably want to prioritize interrupting a Sorcerer's Resurgence and Innervate rather than Dark Infusion or Dark Heal. Interrupting key abilities - like a Bounty Hunter's "Death from Above" or a Sorcerer's "Revivification" - can make a big difference in a team fight, but smart opponents will try to bait out your interrupts with less important spells once they realize you're on them. Make sure you have some idea about what you want to interrupt, and what you're willing to let go.


4) Defense Guardians are naturally team players. The most obvious way you can contribute to your team is by hanging back and guarding key team assets, like your own healers. If you really want to go after enemy healers, though, consider teaming up with an allied DPS character to make an anti-healer tag-team. With your excellent interrupts, durability, and guard and the DPS's own interrupts and burn, enemy healers go down *really* fast. For maximum pwnage, try to coordinate your interrupts with those of your DPS friend - even a simple "you interrupt, then i interrupt, then you interrupt" can really help to completely lock out an enemy healer.


P.S. - I, too, like your spec. For PvP, I'd consider dropping the two points in Shield Specialization for Solidifying Force. Shielding isn't that great in PvP, and your stuns, interrupts, and slows are one of your biggest assets. By lowering the focus cost on those two abilities, you can gain better resource sustainability in longer fights against healers.

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