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31/6/4 pvp & pve

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I play as Tank in PvE a bit, but also pvp a lot. I was worried about 1.2 coming out and needing to spec out of immortal a bit, but I was wrong. So far this build has been incredible in survivability and the dps is decent (+ all the utility of course). Anybody that plays both PvE and PvP as a jugg and wants to tank should give this a try.


Of course in DPS gear for PvP.

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My build: http://www.torhead.com/skill-calc#101uRGzudMdfzZcRZMM.1


I pick up 1 and prolly should go on and pick up 2 seeing as I had 7 parries on revan in the encounter. I skip str as I didnt see any upped dmg other than an average of 31 more dmg on sunder when testing so those 3 points I allocated to ravag hits and 1 into accuracy. In the Immortal tree I only put one in the backhand rage reduction so it only costs 2 rage to activate (which every minute if you dont have it you really are doing something funky) and frankly even in pvp 2 rage to stun aint that much.


I pick up the 3 pts for reduction in accuracy of enemies because mobs hit you less so you gain tps looks like on my testing and a powertech off tank aint picking up his oil talent so I may as well have it. Works well in pvp groups as a tank as well since we arent there for big #s, but rather to annoy and help take down others while protecting whom we can.


I put 1 pt to have the 50% chance of free scream on charge with immortal build. Before with it being only 33 it was still one of those fillers, here I pick it for increased chance and it really does proc pretty frequently surprisingly on many fights and in pvp scenarios.




I am shocked at how much of a change the immortal heavy is for me coming from 14/27 hybrid for the last few months tanking ops on my guardian


My juggy did first HM flashpoint in foundry for a chance at some boots and here are the results, granted I'm sure im not 100% like I was in the hybrid and just didnt have off time to get more comfy. Will be posting continued parses from my build as I get more comfy with it.






This is the revan fight


In short:

Dmg done: ~88k

DPS: 438.5

Healed: ~12k

Average TPS: 1,513.7

My physical attack Misses: 7 (Parries)

Sonic barrier shield procd: 18 times

Revenge proced 11 times

DMG done to Snake doc: ~77k

Boss Parried me 22 times


My gear is entry level stuff, still use regular daily mods on most items that I havent gotten tionese or columi for since the reroll to empire and new server.

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I tank in PvE and PvP on my SW. I use War Leader (tanking) gear, including shield, in PvP w/ a full Immortal spec.


I like the utility this spec offers w/ multiple CC on relatively short cooldowns. I spam the heck out of (free) Chilling Scream, keeping the other team snared. Personally, I HATE being slowed, even more than stunned, so it's fun for me to dish it out on everyone else at will. I use taunts whenever I can, and toss Guard around to people who are being focused, or stick by a healer so they can do their job.


Damage output is much improved in 1.2, but still meh. But that's fine. Most have an extremely hard time dealing with me and eventually get bored and move on to something else. My main is a DPS BH who rains down the pain, so a SW tank is a nice alternative with a defensive play style.

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