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Space Combat Since 1.2


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I don't have the fastest machine available but, given these hard times, I have to make do, it does meet the minimum requirements and I have no other issues.


Now before 1.2 I had very little issue while loading up the space combat mini game, but since the patch my loading times have practically doubled.


This now means that once my ship has actually loaded I have missed, in some instances, critical mission targets i.e the bridge of a captital ship.


I feel a simple solution would be for the player to press the space bar to actually start the mission, giving slower machines time to load.


Other than this I have no issues with 1.2, keep up the great work!

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Nice idea, I agree. And it's not down to machine speed, mine's a pretty high end machine, and the same thing happens to me on occasion. (i7 2600k, SLI GTX560Ti-448, 16GB memory, 20Mbit ADSL )


The only addition I'd request to that is to allow people to separate the torpedoes from the concussion missiles. Kind of annoying that I can't fire missiles at targets that flag as torpedo targets any more...

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