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Question regarding BOP armors.


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My Sorc is currently 400 Cybertech and I chose this to assist lvling up me and two real life friends. As we are now fresh 50's and we can 'earn' our armor and mods via dailies I am thinking of dropping Cybertech and picking up Synthweaving so I can make the belt and bracers that are available. My main has 7 biometric crystals from doing raids.


My real question is...Should I drop cybertech and pick up Sythweaving (to make my own belt/bracer).. or should I keep it as there are likely to be more recopies that will benefit me and or my friends?

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Afaik the epic receipes from synthweaving and armormech (belts & bracers) are bind on pickup so it would only benefit you.


Cybertech and Biochem has epic receipes (also bop) for reusable grenades or stims, adrenals, medpacks. I personally see more use in those, at least for someone who pvps a lot.


You can still hand out blue grenades (friend of mine loves those on his sage for added cc/oh **** moments) or stims, adrenals, medpacks to your friends.


If you ever roll an alt having cybertech is invaluable. Theres tons of cheap orange weapons and armor ingame now and you can mod them all through to 50.


Speeders, you can trade them now and the vendor prices have been raised.



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