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SAGE is my main TARGET couse all SAGES dies in no time! SAGE FLAME


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We can do 700k dmg but overall.... with fight 1v1 now especialy with sentinel or guardion or scoundrel or gunslide or commando or vanguard or shadow or.... ohhh we dont have more clases! we are simply dead in no time.... this need to be balanced.... (ofc against good players of those clases not slackers)... SAGE dies to FAST!


after 1.2 I am dying even faster than before and now I have 5% damege bust with my expertise but see 0 changes in DMG done... are those stats rally working....


especialy Alacrity in Balance? are you kiding me? alacrity only for tele. throw... pethetic... why this not working on GBC or TT... YES it is not working on it this is official info. from BW


No bady plays telekinetic on pvp so what the hell we have Alacrity in our main stats...


Dont tell me to change modes... I did so and DMG did not change at all... again are those stats working?


Again why we dying so fast ----> why I am getting 6500k hits from Meele class with combo in 1 second I can get 10000k+ which is 2/3 of my life....




Reduce overall DMG i do not need it let me servive more and be useful for my team in other case I am not needed for my team in any of WZ... especialy RANKED ONE!



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SAGE is my main TARGET couse all SAGES dies in no time! SAGE FLAME


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