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Refund our skill points!


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My commando was 3 bars shy of 50 when the patch hit.


Not only am I having issues turning in my final class quest-- I specced healer. I had heard a nerf was coming, I just didn't think it would be this bad, or this noticeable, and I had mistakenly thought it might be limited only to the healing skills.


You refunded 90% of the other classes, and it's not like you didn't change us. I want a free refund of my points so I can spec out of the healing tree seeing as you don't think commandos should be healers anymore.


You have nerfed healers across the board--when what healers needed was a buff, a motivation for going into warzones and getting stunned, kicked and generally ***** by other classes. Healers are the key to winning, and it's not like the commando was EASY to play prior to the patch.


I was ready to enter level 50 warzones and get shredded by people with way better gear then me.


I was ready to open my mouth, insert a couple razor blades and chew, i've been doing it since level 20 and it was just starting to get tolerable for me.


Tonight, when the game comes up--provided I am allowed to finish my class quest--I am going to wrap myself in barbed wire, douse myself in gasoline, and charge into the level 50 warzones only to get mowed down again, and again. I am going to give it a scout's try.


I'm seriously hoping, however, that just around the corner someone from Bioware is going to wonder where all the healers went--because I doubt many are as masochistic as I am.

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I think they refunded talents for trees that were actually changed, not just nerfs to abilities. If you want to respec from heals to dps then just respec. Last I checked they were resetting that respec cost every week anyway. So it should be free or maybe something like 800 credits.


My trooper is heals and only issue from these nerfs is ammo. I can't see it preventing you from completing a quest. Ask someone for help if you want. It is an MMO after all.

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